Question: How Do You Use Certify In A Sentence?

How do you use certified in a sentence?

Examples of certified in a Sentence You must be certified in order to practice medicine.

The carpentry work must be done by someone who is certified for the job.

The food is certified kosher.

Her boyfriend’s a certified weirdo..

How do I say I have a certification?

“I am certified as a hairdresser.” Second: If you say, “I am ABC certified”, “ABC” could be the organization that gave you the certification, or it could be the subject matter. Like, “I am Microsoft-certified”, or “I am Java certified.” There should be a “in” instead of “on”.

What is a good sentence for astronomical?

Astronomical sentence examples. The odds against the coincidence were astronomical, until I considered the facts. He also compiled astronomical tables and a treatise on the quadrant. Gregory was one of the founders of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Why is a certification important?

Certification helps employers evaluate potential new hires, analyze job performance, evaluate employees, select contractors, market services, and motivate employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. … Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement.

Is Astronomical a real word?

adjective. of, relating to, or connected with astronomy. extremely large; exceedingly great; enormous: It takes an astronomical amount of money to build a car factory.

What does dilapidated mean?

adjective. reduced to or fallen into partial ruin or decay, as from age, wear, or neglect.

What is an example of astronomy?

The definition of astronomy is the scientific study of matter outside of the atmosphere of the Earth including stars, planets and what they are made of and how they move. Someone who examines moon rocks to determine their composition is an example of someone who engages in astronomy.

What does I hereby certify mean?

the above information is true and accurateto say in a formal or official way, usually in writing, that something is true or correct: [ + (that) ] I hereby certify (that) the above information is true and accurate.

What do you mean by certified?

Certification provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area. Basically, it means you have completed the steps required to receive a particular designation. … Certification is conferred when you prove that you have obtained the specified abilities and knowledge.

What does it mean to certify something?

certify, attest, witness, vouch mean to testify to the truth or genuineness of something. certify usually applies to a written statement, especially one carrying a signature or seal. certified that the candidate had met all requirements attest applies to oral or written testimony usually from experts or witnesses.

What is the difference between verified and certified?

is that verify is to substantiate or prove the truth of something while certify is to attest to as the truth or meeting a standard.

What is another word for Certify?

Some common synonyms of certify are attest, vouch, and witness. While all these words mean “to testify to the truth or genuineness of something,” certify usually applies to a written statement, especially one carrying a signature or seal.