Quick Answer: What To Say When A Guy Ask You What You Think Of Them?

When a guy ask what do you want?

When a guy asks what you want from him, you tell him exactly what you want from him.

If you want a relationship and warm cuddles, you got to tell him.

If you want to go on dates and see where it goes, you tell him.

But don’t forget to ask what he wants too because that’s equally as important..

When a guy asks what you like in a guy?

He might also be asking because a friend of his likes you, he is just making conversation or he is feeling self-conscious. There are actually a number of reasons why a guy might ask what you look for in a guy and there are a number of things that you can consider when trying to understand the exact reason.

What do you like in a guy?

Everyone is different, but here’s my list of the top 10 things you should look for in a guy:He makes you feel loved. … He’s fiscally fit. … He doesn’t get jealous. … He respects you for who you are. … He has confidence. … He has a sense of humor. … He listens and talks. … He wants to make you happy.More items…•

When a guy say he can’t give you what you want?

When a man says he cannot give you what you want and you want a relationship, it means that he doesn’t want a relationship and it’s time for you to let go and move on. A decent guy in this situation will not only tell you this, but will opt out and move on with his life.

What to say when a guy asks what you think of him?

Just say, “I like you,” and then add one or two things you enjoy about him, hus sense of humour, how smart he is, whatever. If you want to test the attraction waters, add a compliment to his appearance/body. BTW, he’s asking because he wants to know what you think of him.

What to say when a guy asks why do you like me?

Tell him exactly why you like him. In any way you like, allow him to ask questions about the attributes that stand out to you in particular. Be prepared to explain as fully or simply as you yourself wish to do so. Remember he owns his reaction to your personal “likes” about him as your partner.

What do you say when someone asks your opinion?

If someone asks you your opinion on them few things to keep in mind.Start with thanking them at least they value you. Never say something bad even if a joke. Be serious .Back your motivation with good signs of them.

How do you answer when someone ask what do you think of me?

Whatever it is, tell them about it! Say things like: “I like how funny you are. You always make me laugh when we hang out!”…Say things like:“You’re a great listener.”“You inspire me.””You have a good heart.”

When someone says what do you want from me?

“What do you want from me?” can mean the person asking you “What do you want from me?” wants something from you, but they don’t have the courage to ask you. They’re hoping you may want the same thing from them that they want from you and you will say it first, you will make the first move.